Indefinite Hiatus
Kathryn. UK. All the Mins and DBSJ.
I'm leaving the kpop fandom (although I still enjoy kpop) so I've decided to leave this blog for a while. Idk if I'll come back.
I will still answer any messages I get here though.
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[Scan] TVXQ! for Grazia Korea Magazine

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Please reblog if you have at some point used tumblr for support during hard times or for support with mental health problems


I’m a psychology student trying to show that social media can be good for supporting people with mental health problems (especially for anxiety and depression) by showing the number of people who use it. Thank you. 


yunho agreed to a psychological assessment that defined him as a person to blame himself before the other person in a situation. changmin begs for yunho to live up to this. after this, they sort of awkwardly tussled like grandpas.


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dear diary, today i made changmin take the mic on national tv. it was awesome.



140116 TVXQ! @ M! Countdown ~ 2

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Don’t attack Sungmin with Chinese, especially when his level is 0

But remember, there are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them, and by idolizing them.
David Wong  (via detectivealchemist)


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1st pic

"when a deer turns into an adult, they’d grow a horn"

2nd pic

yh: none..

cm: what the?

3rd pic

still a kid!!!



I’m selling signed JYJ collection cards on ebay here. Starting at £10.



I’m selling TVXQ’s Very Merry Xmas CD (Japanese first press) with a Changmin photocard on ebay. Bid here if you’re interested~ (Starting at £10 to cover how much I paid originally)